CFE Member Spotlight!

Meet CFE Member Erin Horne!

Name: Erin Horne

Age: 39

Family: Husband, Matt; 13 year old daughter Ellie, 12 year old son Dax, and 9 year old son


Employment: Lunch Lady at my kids’ school, and Pharmacy Tech at DMH

Years doing CrossFit: Approx 4 Years

Favorite movement: rope climbs, hspu and double unders

Least favorite movement: squatting of any kind #longfemurproblems

What made you start CrossFit?

Well I was an athlete my entire life growing up so after giving birth for the 5th time, I knew it

was time to get back to me.  I loved the idea of Crossfit so I just signed up for the Elements

class and have never looked back.

What do you enjoy most about CrossFit?

There is so much to love about Crossfit.  The people, the community, variation in wods.  I

seriously enjoy every aspect!

How has CrossFit affected your everyday life?

I have completely changed my outlook on food for sure. It has changed my body overall.  I

usually work out 5 days a week and so the days that I can’t make it, for whatever reason, I’m

usually tired and sluggish all day. I go to the Moms class throughout the school year, so beings

it’s in the sets me up for an energetic productive day!

What are some of your current CrossFit goals?

Foreeeeever wanting to do a bar muscle up.  It would help if I practiced, but ONE day I hope to

get one!

What is your proudest CrossFit moment?

Proudest moment....hmm....not sure I have one.

When you aren’t at CrossFit Enhance, what is your favorite thing to do?

Hanging out with my family mostly.  I’m a homebody so that’s usually where I’m at. 

What would say to someone considering to join CFE?

Just Do It! So many people I know are so intimidated by it but they just don’t trust me when I

say it’s for anyone!  Seriously people, you are missing out

Crossfit Enhance