April Athlete of the Month: Brent Ferrill

Athlete of the Month Spotlight


Name:  Brent Ferrill

Age:  33


Employment: Ferrill Farms

Years doing CrossFit:  5ish, year and a half solid at Enhance

Favorite movement: Deadlift/Rower

Least favorite movement: thrusters/Burpees


What made you start CrossFit?


I started originally just for a workout and an outlet to somewhat stay involved in sports and it reminded me more of training and conditioning for football than the boring Monday chest Tuesday back type of workout. More recently I wanted to take better control of my health, weight, and I needed to lower blood LDL levels. Also overall just make day to day life much easier.


What do you enjoy most about CrossFit?


The fact you never do anything twice somedays I get to throw some weight around some days I work on my “Bignastics” all while there’s a great community competition aspect throughout the gym. There is also always a measurable gain to be seen, a strength improvement, a new skill, weight loss, you can almost guarantee to see something improve every month.  Those two aspects make it very easy to stay motivated.



How has CrossFit affected your everyday life?


Everything has improved, I have higher energy levels and basically I have a pretty physically demanding job, in previous years there would be jobs I dreaded doing or Id be tired all the time or find reasons not to do certain physical jobs… that’s not really the case anymore, id say my productivity is up 20% and I never put the jobs off that I used to just because I’m uncomfortable doing them or they’re physically taxing.


What are some of your current CrossFit goals?


Id like to overhead squat or snatch squat my body weight, a single ring muscle up, and or possibly tackle Murph this year solo.


What is your proudest CrossFit moment?


The first workout I did all bar muscle ups in


When you aren’t at CrossFit Enhance, what is your favorite thing to do?

I’m a proponent of agriculture in all ways possible, playing watching any and all sports/ Tailgating U of I football every chance I have, I enjoy flipping houses about to start my second one, and just generally being busy.


What would you say to someone considering to join CFE?


Give it a month and you’ll be hooked. 

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