Tuesday 180703

I. General Warm-up


10 Alt. Squatting Thoracic Rotations

10 Alt. Scorpion Rotations

10 Hollow Rocks

10 Hanging Scap Depressions


II. Transition

Set up stations and take warm-up reps as needed


III. Workout Of The Day

EMOM x20

Min 1- 5-10 Ring Dips/Bar Dips/Leg Assisted Dips/Push-ups (strict if you are able to!)

Min 2- 5-10 Strict Pull-up or Strict Banded Pull-up

Min 3- 5-10 SA KB Overhead Squats/arm @53/35; 35/26; 26/18 or less

Min 4- :20s Side Plank Right/:20s Left Side Plank

Min 5- 3-5 Strict TTB or 5-10 Strict Hanging Straight Leg Raises or Bent Knee Raises





Low intensity day, but we are working in some high skill or more difficult strict movements. This is a great opportunity to work on some weak areas. The EMOM has some challenging pieces, so use it to work on the skill of those movements. Make sure you are getting enough rest to stay relatively fresh.


IV. Accessory, Recovery, Community


10 Scap Push-ups

10 Scap Depressions

5 DB Arm Bar Breaths/side (video)


V. Supplemental Work


Handstand Drills:

Box Pike HSPU-

5-6 sets of 5-10 reps (totally based on your individual ability)

Progresions: -try to increase reps or up the progression from last week!!!!

A.     Standard, from the knees

B.     Standard, from the toes

C.     Elevated one leg

D.     Add a deficit with DB’s

E.     Add a deficit with plates

F.     Add a deficit with Parallettes 

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