Wednesday 190904

General Warm-up


2:00 Run/Row/Bike Nasal Breathing

2:00 Run/Row/Bike Nasal Breathing (switch implements)



10 Stagger Stance Good Mornings R/L (unweighted)

10 Stagger Stance Good Mornings L/R (unweighted)

10 Bird-dogs or Bear-Dogs

10yd. High Knees

10yd. Butt Kicks


Workout Of The Day

Endurance Intervals

Run Option:

6-8x400m @ or near 1 mile PR Pace

rest 1:30 between


Row Option:

3-4x1000 @ 8-10s slower than 2k PR Pace

rest 2:00 between


Bike Option:

8-10x 1:00 @ 10 Min Max Cal Average RPM + 4

walk rest 1:00 between



3:00-5:00 Walk

10 Perfect Stretch/side

Crossfit Enhance