Wednesday 190807

General Warm-up


10yd. Bear Crawl

5 Broad Jumps

10 Deadlifts @ increasing weight each round




6 reps @ 77.5-82.5%

5 reps @ 82.5-85%

4 reps @85-87.5%

3 reps @87.5%+


rest 2:00-3:00 between sets


Workout Of The Day

4 rounds- not for time:

20 Hollow Rocks; scale as needed - Bent Knees; Bent Arms; Reduced Reps; Isometric Hollow Hold :20s (progressions: add weight in hands and feet)

6-8 Handstand Push-ups

*Progressions: Strict; Deficit; Tempo

*Scales: Kipping; Reduce reps; Pike HSPU; HSPU Negatives w/ reduced reps; Pike HSPU Negatives w/ reduced reps


*Rest ~1:1


Same as last week - don't turn it into a race. This is time to practice and work on new movements or fine tune movements. If athletes are very proficient, pick a progression to work on. Otherwise, choose from the scaling options.



Banded Internal Rotation Negative x 4-5 reps with 8s lower


Supplemental Work


Push Jerk

7-7-7-7 touch and go reps @ increasing weight - should be tough weight on last couple sets

rest as needed between sets

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