Monday 190617

General Warm-up

27 Squat Warm-up



1:00 Row (increase pace each set)

5 Muscle Snatch



Workout Of The Day

5 rounds of 2:30 on/2:30 off

12 Hang Snatch @75/55; 65/45; 55/35

300m/200m Row

Max Back Squats in remaining time

*score = number of Squats



Accessory, Recovery, Community

5-8 Perfect stretch/side (emphasize hip external rotation and spend some time in spinal/thoracic rotation)

Mash hip flexor 2:00 each


Supplemental Work


3-4 sets NFT:

3-5 Alternating Top Down Dumbbell Glute Bridge Bench Press/arm w/ 3s lower

rest :45

3-5 Alternating Top Down Single-arm Bent Over DB Row/arm w/ 3s lower

rest 1:30

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