Monday 190408

General Warm-up

W/ PVC Pipe:

10 Front Back Hip Swings/leg

20 Pass-Thrus

10 OHS w/ pause in bottom


Focusing on 2nd and 3rd Pull today

“2nd Pull”: once the bar is past the knees, now the shoulders and head begin moving up and back as the hips open up quickly towards the bar. Still keep the bar close.

 “3rd Pull”: Hips scoop the bar explosively as we begin to shrug the shoulders and explode in to “triple extension”

“Turnover”: elbows high, bar close, and we use the bar to pull our bodies/hips down under the bar as we aggressively press in to the bar to the receiving position.


2-3 rounds w/ PVC, training bar, or empty bar:

3 Low Hang Power Snatch


3 Low Hang Squat Snatch



10:00 Clock

1 Low Hang Power Snatch + 1 Low Hang Squat Snatch (or if needed, 2 LHPS + 1 OHS)

Take 6-8 sets – gradually build as long as technique is sharp!

*for beginners, this is going to be a great deal of practice time!


Workout Of The Day

Work through 3-4 sets of the following:


A1. Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat (Single DB/KB Goblet Loaded, rear foot elevated on 12-16” box)

            w/ 3s lower; 4-6 reps/leg; rest :45s

A2. Banded Lat Pull-down w/ PVC Pipe (try to go with heavier band than last week)

            w/ 2s hold at BOTTOM AND 2s RAISE; 6-8 reps; rest :45s

A3. Wtd. GHDSU

            10-12 reps reps controlled; rest 1:00-2:00 before next set





Snatch technique expands this week to include the 2nd to 3rd pull transition. Bar should be brought to the hip, then with a two-part set-up lower the bar to just above the knee to mimic the position following the end of Pull 1 and beginning of Pull 2.


Functional Bodybuilding cycles progress slightly from last week. Similar movement patterns with slightly tougher variations. These will be non-scored sessions. They are simply to make you better, not to compete.



5:00 Walk outside




EMOM x 11

:15s Row/Bike Hard - :45s rest

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