Thursday 190321

Clean and Jerk technique work – w/ PVC, training bar, or empty bar practice the following positions:

“1st Pull”: set up with hips down and chest up, flat back and bar pulled close to the body, the hips and shoulders elevate at the same rate, not one faster than the other.

“2nd Pull”: once the bar is past the knees, now the shoulders and head begin moving up and back as the hips open up quickly towards the bar. Still keep the bar close.

“3rd Pull”: Hips scoop the bar explosively as we begin to shrug the shoulders and explode in to “triple extension”

“Turnover”: elbows high, bar close, and we use the bar to pull our bodies/hips down under the bar as we aggressively drive the elbows through the bar and into the receiving position on the shoulders. Focus on hips down, not leaning back to catch the bar.

“Jerk”: brace the midline and keep rib cage down, quick dip and drive – think fast, not slow. As we drive overhead, we push against the bar to then redip the hips – beginners need to perfect the “Push Jerk” first. If you have the ability to split jerk, work on that.


3 rounds w/ PVC, training bar, or empty bar:

3 Hang Power Clean

3 Low Hang Squat Clean

3 Push Jerk



12:00 to Build to 1RM Clean and Jerk

Take 6-8 sets to gradually build – this can be a squat clean or power clean, and push jerk or split jerk

*beginners work on push jerk


Workout Of The Day

Work through 3-4 sets of the following:


A1. Double KB RDL

            w/ 3s lower; 8-10 reps; rest :45s

A2. Half-Kneeling Single-Arm Arnold Press

            w/ 3s lower; 8-10 reps/arm; rest :45s

A3. Sorenson Hold

            :15-:30s; rest 1:00-2:00 before next set





Starting a new “strength cycle” that will be Olympic lifting and bodybuilding focused, to allow for some technique work and improved motor control and joint health. This will be helpful for everyone, whether you are feeling good or a bit beat up, these sessions will be beneficial in creating a great strength stimulus while improving muscle endurance, body awareness, and proper ROM, and could potentially help to fix any movement imbalances.


These will be non-scored sessions. They are simply to make you better, not to compete.



5:00 Walk outside




10:00 @ controlled pace

15/12 Cal Bike

15 Burpees

Crossfit Enhance