Monday 190211

I. General Warm-up

2 sets:

10 Scorpion Rotations/side

10 Supine Bent-knee Lumbo-thoracic rotations/side

10 PVC Reverse Lunges/side (WMPS)


II. Workout Of The Day

4 sets:

1:00 Row (for avg. watts trying to keep each round exactly the same)

1:00 Burpees (sustained pace)

1:00 Jump Rope (doubles, singles, alternating, doesn’t matter, move for 1 full minute)

1:00 Run (down and backs, around the gym, back and forth, doesn’t matter-move for 1 full minute)

1:00 rest





Long, aerobic piece to start the week off. Move at steady and consistent paces at each. Get sweaty, breath, and ease back in to training for this week. Not a race, not for a score, for quality. This is not for a score. There are no metrics for this workout—the goal for this workout is to move with perfect consistency every round.


III. Accessory, Recovery, and Community

Mash lats and triceps on barbell on rack 2:00-3:00


IV. Supplemental


3-4 sets

6-8 Single-leg DB RDL/leg

:35s Plank (wtd if able)

Crossfit Enhance