Monday 190121

I. General Warm-up


4 Yoga Push-ups

6 Thoracic rotations/side

8 Kang Squats



5 Front Squats (from the floor – gradually increase)

2-5 Ring Push-ups/HR Push-ups


II. Workout Of The Day

***Benchmark Series Workout***



8 RFT:

5 Front Squats @185/125

26 Ring Push-ups


Scale 1


8 RFT:

5 Front Squats @155/105

26 HR Push-ups


Scale 2


8 RFT:

5 Front Squats @95/65

26 Scaled HR Push-ups





Front squat strength work to get prepped for our next Benchmark workout. Gator is our next Benchmark Series workout, and it is a challenging one! Short rep range, heavy squats with high rep range push-ups encourage athletes to really push the pace. However, the cumulative effect that these two movements will have on the shoulders, breathing, and midline across 8 rounds will be surprising, so be ready for it. Front Squats should be performed at a pretty challenging weight, but try to hold on for all 5—this may mean to even take a slightly longer rest after Push-up sets than you think you need; it’ll be worth it to prevent additional cleans. Be smart about pacing on the high rep push-ups, and never let yourself go to failure.


III. Accessory, Recovery, and Community

Mash pecs and lats


IV. Supplemental Work


3 sets, rest 1:00 between movements:

9-11 Front Foot Elevated Reverse Lunges (hold DB’s at side)

9-11 Bent Over DB Row

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