Wednesday 181205

Apologies for lack of WOD posting! Been having some issues with the website but all better now!

I. General Warm-up

5:00 with a partner alternating:

Partner 1: 5 Legs Only Strokes+5 Legs and Midline Hinge Strokes+10 Full Strokes

Partner 2: 5 Inchworms + 10 Hollow Rocks

5:00 with a partner alternating:

Partner 1: 10/8 Cal Row

Partner 2: 5 Pike Ups (strict V-up from hollow position) + 5 Scap Depressions


Take Strict TTB or scaling option warm-up reps


II. Workout of the Day


5 x 2:00 rounds of:

15 Cal Row

Max Strict Weighted TTB @8/4

Rest 2:00 between


Scale 1:

5 x 2:00 rounds of:

15 Cal Row

Max Strict TTB or Straight Leg AHAP

Rest 2:00 between


Scale 2

5 x 2:00 rounds of:

12 Cal Row

Max Stict Knees AHAP

Rest 2:00 between





Rowing sprint intervals with a tough, strict gymnastic movement. Very few people will be able to maintain a weighted strict TTB, but give your best shot and keep movement as STRICT as possible. Even a subtle kip makes the movement so much easier. Try to thing about starting in a hollow position before initiating the movement, then try to show control on the way down. Scale as needed to still get a tough midline stimulus.


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Couch stretch

Foam roll thoracic


IV. Supplemental Work


3 rounds not for time:

6 Barbell RDL’s w/ 3 second lower

rest :30s

12 SA DB Overhead Walking Lunges (switch arms @6)

rest :30s

10 Banded Singe Leg Glute Bridges

rest 2:00

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