Tuesday 181127

I. General Warm-up

10 yds. Each:

Figure 4 Lunge + Reach

Shuffle Jacks x 2

Carioca x 2

High Knees

Butt Kicks

Bear Crawl

Crab Walk

Burpee Broad Jump

Lunge Walk

Back Pedal


Take warm-up reps of DB Snatch, TTB, Box Jump, and Wall Walk


II. Workout Of The Day

2 Rounds

3 x 3:00 AMRAP/1:00 rest between

3:00 AMRAP Station 1:

Buy-In: Suicide Shuttle Run (5, back, 10, back, 15, back, 20, back, 25 back)

AMRAP Burpees in Remaining Time

Rest 1:00

3:00 AMRAP Station 2:

Buy-In: 30 Alternating DB Power Snatch @ 50/35; 40/25; 30/20

AMRAP Toes-to-Bar in Remaining Time

Rest 1:00

3:00 AMRAP Station 3:

Buy-In: 30 Box Jumps/Step-ups @24/20; 20/16; 16/12

AMRAP Wall-Walks in Remaining Time

Rest 1:00 before repeating





Each 3 minute AMRAP has a buy-in before finishing with max reps of a single movement. The buy-in should take 1-2 minutes to complete. Each AMRAP will be completed twice, so deicide what station you want to start on, work through it and then repeat. 1:00 rest between each 3:00 working station.


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

30 Shin Box Hip Rotations (mix in both hands down, 1 hand down, no hands down

Banded Shoulder Mobility


IV. Supplemental Work


Rowing Intervals

4x 500m/rest 1:45 between

Start conservative enough to gradually increase pace each set

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