Wednesday 181114

I. General Warm-up

CrossFit Warm-up + Row

30/25 Cal Row then…


5 Samson Stretch/side

10 OHS

10 Pull-up

10 Push-up

10 Sit-up


II. Transition and Build Up

Set up stations.


III. Workout Of The Day

***Benchmark Series Workout Repeat-Compare to 180702***

“Tabata This”

4:00 Tabata Row

Rest 1 minute

4:00 Tabata Squat

Rest 1 minute

4:00 Tabata Pull-up-scale as needed (use same scaling as 180702)

Rest 1 minute

4:00 Tabata Push-up-scale as needed (use same scaling as 180702)

Rest 1 minute

4:00 Tabata Sit-up


*score is the sum of the lowest scored round of each movement

*Example: Lowest row cals: 7, lowest squat count: 17, lowest pull-up count: 9, lowest push-up count: 8, lowest sit-up count: 12 Score= 53





“Tabata This” is a class CrossFit interval Benchmark. :20s on and :10s off of 5 movements, each for 4:00 with 1 additional minute of recovery between rounds. This is a very high intensity workout, as you are trying to limit your score reduction on each interval, as the only score you will keep is not your highest score for each, but your lowest. This is a Benchmark so go hard to set a good score. Scale Pull-up and Push-up as needed, but be sure to record scaling as well.


IV. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Deep lunge 2:00 each side (explore positions, add in rotations of the spine and hips)

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