Friday 181012

I. General Warm-up

Complete the following in any order desired

200m Run through the obstacle course

30 Planking shoulder taps

20 Air Squats

10yd Bear Crawl

10yd Crab Walk

10 Hollow rocks


II. Workout Of The Day

AMRAP 20 w/ a partner:

20 Russian Twists/side each partner – Non-working Partner holds Plank

20 Push Press Wallballs to 9’ each partner– Non-working Partner Holds Handstand or Pike up

20 Medball Bear Hug Walking Lunge Steps each partner – Non-working Partner holds Bottom of Squat

200m Run Together with Medball (split up holding medball as desired)


*All movements done with a Medball

*On each movement, one partner completes while the other holds, then switch

Rx: 20/14

Scale 1: 16/10

Scale 2: 12/8


Russian Twist: Medball must touch ground on each side, 20 taps on each side (40 total), feet must be off ground

Push Press Wallball: Just like a WBS but you do not have to hit full depth, it is a Push Press throw

Medball Lunge: Squeezing Medball at chest during lunge steps

Run: partners run together with on medball and can switch who is carrying at anytime





Fun Partner Friday workout to close out a tough week of hard work. Partners alternate completing each medball working set while the non-working partner holds an isometric, then partners complete the run together. Have fun mixing it up with some different movements!


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Banded shoulder mobility 2:00-3:00 each


IV. Supplemental Work

Core Conditioning:

Rotate through 3-4 rounds with 5-10s rest between movements and 1-2 minutes rest between round

A.     Reverse Plank Lifts – 20-25s

B.     Side Plank Pulses L&R – 20-25s each side

C.     Rainbow Makers L&R – 20-25s each side

D.     V-ups – 15-20 reps

A-     Hands or Forearms on ground behind you, lift hips to a neutral plank position then lower-continue pulsing for duration

B-     In side plank, lower hip to ground then pulse to neutral

C-     In side plank, rotate arm underneath body then open up and rotate arm to point to the ceiling

rest :30s

:45-:60s Glute Bridge

rest 2:00 between sets

*if you did this last week try to hold longer

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