Wednesday 1801010

I. General Warm-up


10 Bird-dogs

10 Side Plank Rotations

10 Reverse Lunges

5 Overhead Lat Stretch Rotations/side (on rack, grab overhead with one arm and stretch in to lat, then with other arm reach through to lower chest towards ground then rotate up and reach to sky)


II. Workout of the Day

3 Rounds of:

For 3:00

6 Burpee Box Jump Overs @24/20; 20/16; 16/12

12 Alternating DB Snatches @50/35; 40/25; 30/20


Rest 1:00


For 3:00

8 C2B Pull-ups; Assisted C2B Pull-ups; 12 Ring Rows

12 GHDSU/Wtd. Abmat Sit-up/Abmat Sit-up


Rest 1:00





Finishing out our mixed-modal aerobic interval training, this week lowering down to 3 minute rounds with 1 minute rest. We should still be aiming for paces that you would be able to sustain for ~10 minutes, so at no point should anyone be “sprinting” until the very end. Although the intensity can go up slightly this week, we should still be shooting for consistent round splits. We are repeating the two intervals 3 total times, so the goal should be to repeat the same or better score on the second round and third round.


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Foam roll T-spine

20 Alt. Scorpion rotations


IV. Supplemental Work


Assault Bike:

8x 1:30 @ 10 Min Max Cal Average RPM + 2

walk rest 1:30 between

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