Friday 181005

I. General Warm-up


Row :40s (gradually build)

10 Air Squats

10 Alternating T-Walks


II. Workout Of The Day

For Time w/ a Partner:

*150/135/120 Cal Row or Cal Bike (150 MM Pair, 135 MF Pair, 120 FF Pair)


150 Wallball Shots @20/14; 16/10; 12/8


*150/135/120 Cal Row or Cal Bike (150 MM Pair, 135 MF Pair, 120 FF Pair)


150 Alternating DB Power Snatch @50/35; 40/25; 30/20


*30:00 time cap

*note the Cal difference for mixed vs. same pairs

*have some groups start on the bike and some groups start on the rower





Tough partner chipper to close out the week. Split the work up with your partner as needed. Note the difference Calorie requirements for MM, MF, FF pairs. Grind through this and try to finish within the 30:00 Cap


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Banded shoulder mobility 2:00-3:00 each


IV. Supplemental Work

Core Conditioning:

Rotate through 3-4 rounds with 5-10s rest between movements and 1-2 minutes rest between round

A.     Reverse Plank Lifts – 20-25s

B.     Side Plank Pulses L&R – 20-25s each side

C.     Rainbow Makers L&R – 20-25s each side

D.     V-ups – 15-20 reps

A-     Hands or Forearms on ground behind you, lift hips to a neutral plank position then lower-continue pulsing for duration

B-     In side plank, lower hip to ground then pulse to neutral

C-     In side plank, rotate arm underneath body then open up and rotate arm to point to the ceiling

rest :30s

:45-:60s Glute Bridge

rest 2:00 between sets

*if you did this last week try to hold longer

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