Thursday 180906

I. General Warm-up


2 Perfect Stretch (1/side)

5 Up/Down-Dog Transitions

10 Barbell Front Rack Elbow rotations alternating


Then 2 RNFT w/ empty bar:

3-5 RDL

3-5 HPC

3-5 Front Squat

3-5 Push Press

3-5 Push Jerks


II. Strength

Power Clean and Jerk

1x3 @ 70%

1x3 @ 75%

1x3 @ 80%

1x3 @ 85%

rest 1:00-2:00 between sets


III. Workout Of The Day


Min 1- 12 Double DB Power Cleans @50/35; 40/25; 30/20 or less

Min 2- 12 Box Jump/Step-Overs @24/20; 20/16; 16/12

Min 3- 12 HSPU/Pike Push-up/HR Push-up





Hitting another Power Oly movement this week, with some Power Clean and Jerks (no split). Again, percentages get relatively high for triples, so it’ll likely be more efficient for athletes to drop from the top rather than touch and go. Focus on speed and great positions.

Following strength work, we’ll hit a tough Conditioning EMOM of DB Power Cleans, Box Jump/Step-overs, and Push-ups. We are trying to move with intensity and get as much rest as possible between movements. Depending on class size, you can have athletes filter in or you can have groups start at different movements and rotate.


IV. Accessory, Recovery, Community

KB mash hip flexors (above and below hip bone)


V. Supplemental Work


4 sets not for time

A1. 7-9 Split Stance Barbell RDL/leg

Rest 1:00

A2. 7-9 Double DB Prone Bench Row

Rest 1:00

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