Wednesday 180905

I. General Warm-up


3 Inchworms

10 Squatting Thoracic Rotations/side

10 Bird-dogs/side

10 Supine bent-knee rotations (laying on back, bend knees with feet flat and alternate letting knees lower to ground-great low back mobilizer and warm-up)


II. Workout Of The Day

For 8:00

90 Single-unders

10 SA Russian KBS/arm @53/35; 44/26; 35/18 or less

10 No Push-up Burpees


Rest 2:00


For 8:00

:45s Row @ 75%

10yd. SA OH DB Carry/arm @50/35; 40/25; 30/20 or less

:20-:30s Side plank/side


Rest 2:00


For 8:00

:45s Bike @ 75%

10 Walking Lunge Steps/leg (unweighted)

10 Ring Rows with 2s lower





Continuing with our mixed-modal aerobic interval progression, this week lowering down to 8 minute rounds with a bit more rest. We should still be aiming for paces that you would be able to sustain for 30+ minutes, so at no point should anyone be “sprinting” or racing. Although the intensity can go up slightly this week, we should still be shooting for consistent round splits. Look for consistent movement and pacing.


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Banded hip flexor stretch 2:00 each

Deep lunge (elbow to instep) 2:00/side


IV. Supplemental Work


Run Option:

5x400m @ or near 1 mile PR Pace

rest 1:30 between


10x200m @ or faster than 1 mile PR Pace

rest 1:00 between

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