Tuesday 180828

I. General Warm-up

Bike/Row/Jog 3:00 gradual build


Practice/Warm-up new movements


II. Workout of the Day

For 9:00:

15 yd. Double KB Front Rack Carry @ moderate

8 Cross-body KB RDL’s/side @ same as carry*

8 Cross-body V-ups/side*


rest 2:00


For 9:00:

:40s Bike @75%

10 Ring Rows @ tempo 3112 (3 second lower, 1 second at the bottom, 1 second up, 2 second hold at top)

10 Front-foot Elevated Lunges/leg (front foot standing on plate)


rest 2:00


For 9:00:

12 Quadruped Cross-body DB Pull-through*

6 Landmine Press/side*

Row :40s @75%






The intent of this session, and a series of sessions in following weeks, will be to work with absolute consistency and sustainability. For these three 9 minute splits, you should try to move at a pace that you could sustain for 30-35 minutes (slightly more intensity than last week). This is a way to do mixed-modal work while developing the aerobic system and teaching the body how to move well while under very moderate fatigue (to build a base for more intense work).

This is progressing very slightly from last week, but the intent is the same. Work at a sustainable pace. All rounds should look and feel the same.


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Foam roll lateral hip/glute


IV. Supplemental Work


Handstand Drills:

5 sets:

1 Wall Walk + 10s Wall-facing HS Hold + 10 Alt Sh Taps


1 Wall Walk + 20s Wall-facing HS Hold

Crossfit Enhance