Monday 180820

I. General Warm-up

1-2 sets w/ PVC/training bar/empty bar

3 Snatch Grip RDL

3 Low Hang Snatch High Pull

3 High Hang Muscle Snatch


3 Behind the Neck Strict Press

3 Power Snatch

3 Squat Snatch

*rest as needed within this warm-up complex


II. Strength


1x3 @70%

1x3 @75%

1x3 @80%

1x3 @85%

*perform these as squat snatches or power snatch to OHS, no touch and go


rest 2-3 minutes between sets




***Benchmark Series Workout***


10 minutes to build to heaviest set of 3 Strict Weighted Strict pull-ups


Scale 1

10 minutes to build to max effort set of Unbroken Strict Pull-ups


Scale 2

10 minutes to build to max Unbroken set strict banded pull-up or ring row



III. Transition and Build Up

Take warm-up sets as needed and set stations up.


IV. Workout Of The Day


AMRAP C2B Pull-ups in 10 minutes:

200m Run

5-15 Unbroken Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups


Scale 1

AMRAP Pull-ups in 10 minutes:

200m Run

5-15 Unbroken Pull-ups


Scale 2

AMRAP Pull-ups/Ring Rows in 10 minutes:

200m Run

10-15 Unbroken Band Assisted Pull-ups or Ring Rows





This is a great way to start out the week. First, we will get in some solid strength/technique snatch work. Those who have proficiency in the Squat snatch, perform reps this way. Those that are working on it are encouraged to do a power snatch + OHS to start working on seaming the movements together.

Following this we will do the final August Benchmark retest, Strict Pull-ups. Those who can perform with weight. Working to 3RM, other performing rep maxes as strict as possible!

Conditioning is a quick, fast couplet of running and Pull-ups, very similar to the classic girl workout Nicole. The goal is to push hard on the run and stay unbroken on pull-ups, which is the purpose for the range. The sets must be done unbroken, so the athletes should choose a number that they believe is attainable and try to stick with it the whole time- hold yourself subject to this and only allow sets that you hit your required reps to count. This is a good way to train yourself and help figure out what sort of max effort or unbroken sets you are capable of.


V. Accessory, Recovery, and Community

Mash lats and thoracic 3:00-5:00


VI. Supplemental Work


3 sets not for time

A1. 6-8 DB Single Arm OH Reverse Lunges/leg w/ Tempo 20X1: 2 seconds down, 0 second pause at the bottom, up fast, then 1 second pause at the top. (perform all reps on one side before other, DB should be in same arm as leg that is stepping back)1`

Rest 1:00

A2. 6-8 DB Bench Press w Tempo 30X1: 3 seconds down, 0 second pause at the bottom, up fast, then 1 second pause at the top.

Rest 1:00

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