Tuesday 180731

I. General Warm-up

General Warm-up- Coaches’ choice


Run Prep- Coaches’ choice


II. Workout of the Day


For 20:00 alternate

1:00 Run

1:00 Walk


Scale 1

For 20:00 alternate

1:00 Run

1:00 Walk


Scale 2

For 20:00 alternate

1:00 Run

1:00 Walk





Getting in some moderate intensity running volume. By making it time-dependant, it will allow for athletes to choose and moderate their pacing.

This is a great opportunity to “practice” something related to your running. Here are some options:

A.     Pacing- A good goal would be to maintain total distance accumulated on round 1, across all rounds, so some pacing in the first half may be necessary. This will be tough and will require quick recovery, but use the one-minute walk to refocus and get control of breathing. If you are someone who starts workouts too fast and dies halfway through, this is a great option.

B.     Technique- If running tends to leave your hips, back, ankles, and shins feeling very sore OR you feel that it fatigues you much quicker than other exercises, technique may be the issues. Here are some things to work on-

a.     Toe striking- Not leading the next step by hitting or landing on the heel, but rather by catching yourself on your toes and popping up from there in to the next stride

b.     Extension- Running should be driven by EXTENSION at the hip, not by long strides bounding out. Focus on a very subtle forward lean and PULLING the ground back with the glutes and hamstrings.

c.     Neutral spine- Especially if running makes your low back hurt, focus on there being a straight line from the shoulder through the hips. Do not allow for the low back to OVER-EXTEND to keep the chest up.

C.     Breathing- Many people “Panic breath” during running, and the cadence turns in to a heavy panting with the shoulders rising and falling too rapidly. Try to work on a more relaxed breathing cadence, led by the diaphragm. It takes mental connection to stay relaxed and not let the panting start, as it is a cumulative effect- once the panting starts, you feel like you need more air so you pant more. Another technique is to begin learning how to run with nasal breathing only (not the best method for actual workouts, but a good way to train the diaphragm to do the work for you).


*Coaches choice on the warm-up. Be thorough here. Start with some general movement prep and then work in to some dynamic line work/running prep. Athletes should feel very loose, warm, and be breathing a little bit going in to the first round.


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Couch stretch 1:00 each

Childs pose 2:00


IV. Supplemental Work


Handstand Drills:

Box Pike HSPU-

3-6 sets of 5-8 reps (totally based on your individual ability)

Progresions: -try to increase reps or up the progression from last week!!!!

A.     Standard, from the knees

B.     Standard, from the toes

C.     Elevated one leg

D.     Add a deficit with DB’s

E.     Add a deficit with plates

F.     Add a deficit with Parallettes 

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