Friday 180727

I. General Warm-up


5 Rack Assisted SL Goodmorning Rotations/leg

10 Hanging Scap Depressions

5 Split Stance PVC Goodmornings/side (Left foot slight stasggered forward, then switch)


Build Deadlift to working weight


II. Strength


1x5 @ 70%

1x5 @ 75%

2x5 @ 80%


rest 2:00 between sets


III. Transition and Build Up

Set up stations. Take any warm-up sets needed.


IV. Workout Of The Day


For Time, with a partner:

90 DU (each)

24 Deadlifts @315/225

24/18 BMU

60 DU (each)

18 Deadlifts @315/225

18/12 BMU

30 DU (each)

12 Deadlifts @315/225

12/6 BMU


Scale 1

For Time, with a partner:

90 DU or 180 SU (each)

24 Deadlifts @245/165

36 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

60 DU or 120 SU (each)

18 Deadlifts @245/165

27 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups

30 DU or 60 DU (each)

12 Deadlifts @245/165

18 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups


Scale 2

For Time, with a partner:

180 SU (each)

24 Deadlifts @155/105 or less

36 Pull-ups/Ring Rows

120 SU (each)

18 Deadlifts @155/105 or less

27 Pull-ups/Ring Rows

60 DU (each)

12 Deadlifts @155/105 or less

18 Pull-ups/Ring Rows





Deadlift strength work to prep for a tough grip and endurance partner WOD. Be sure to scale DL weight appropriately. If it Is not wise for you to go Rx, then don’t! Stay in good positions, push the pace when it is your turn to go, and get after it!


V. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Foam roll posterior chain.


VI. Supplemental Work


3 sets not for time:

A1. 6-8 Farmers Elevated Reverse Lunge/leg w/ Tempo 20X1: 2 seconds down, 0 second pause at the bottom, up fast, then 1 second pause at the top. Hold DB’s in Farmers hold, alternate legs.*

Rest 1:00

A2. 6-8 DB SA Row/side w Tempo 31X2: 3 seconds down, 1 second pause at the bottom, up fast, then 2 second pause at the top.

Rest 1:00


*Stand on a plate, step one leg back and down control the tempo down, then step back up on to the plate and switch legs. 

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