Friday 180706

I. General Warm-Up

Squat Prep:

10 Front-Back/Side-Side Hip Swings

10 No hands Shin-Box Rotations

5 “Jane Fonda’s”/side (laying on side, straight leg raise)


2-3 rounds:

20-30 DU/SU

3-5 Snatches-build to working weight

2-3 WBS


II. Workout Of The Day

For Time:

100 Wallball Shots (23 minute time cap, or 5 total rounds)


Complete 100 Wallballs as fast as possible.

Each round is 3:00 long with 2:00 rest between rounds.


At the beginning of each 3:00 round, you complete

35 DU’s or 70 SU’s

7 Snatches @115/75; 95/65; 75/45


Then, in the remaining time of the 3:00 round complete as many Wallballs as possible. Score is total time to reach 100, including rest, or if you get time capped your score is 23:00+ 1 second per rep remaining added on to the time.


0-3 Round 1

3-5 rest

5-8 Round 2

8-10 rest

10-13 Round 3

13-15 rest

15-18 Round 4

18-20 rest

20-23 Round 5





Staying with a solo WOD on Friday since we partnered on the 4th. We are trying to get to 100 WBS as quick as possible, but you only have 3:00 to work at a time and you have to buy in with Jump Rope and Snatches each round! This will be tough, but you get a decent amount of recovery time so try to push the pace early and get some big sets of WBS to get ahead of pace!


III. Supplemental Work


3 sets not for time

A1. 10 Double KB Front Rack Step-ups @44/26; 35/18; 26/13 or less

Rest 1:00

A2. 8-10 SA KB Bent Over Rows/side

Rest 1:00

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