Wednesday 180704

I. General Warm-up

Run 400m


10 PVC Thruster

3-5 Box Jumps


II. Transition

Set up stations, take any warm-up reps needed.


III. Workout Of The Day

4th of July Hero WOD


31 Heroes

31 Minute AMRAP (with a Partner)

8 Thrusters @155/105; 125/85; 95/65; 75/45

6 Rope Climbs 15ft; 12 ft; 3x Sit-to-Stand

11 Box Jumps @30/24; 24/20; 20/16; 16/12 Scale to step-ups if needed


Partner 1 performs the workout listed above. Partner 2 runs 400 meters with a sandbag or plate @45/25. When Partner 2 returns from the run, Partner 1 will grab the sandbag, and begin their 400 meter run, while Partner 2 continues the workout where Partner 1 left off.


Scale weights and box jump as needed.                

The 31Heroes Project was conceived in response to the Extortion 17 helicopter crash in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011 killing 30 military service members, as well as one military working dog – Many of the fallen were Special Operators from the Navy SEAL community.

Happy Independence Day!

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