Friday 180629

I. General Warm-Up

Warm-up Power Clean and DL to your working weights. Take warm-up reps as needed of WBS, Pull-ups, Box Jumps, and GHD’s.


II. Workout Of The Day

For Time, w/ a Partner:

3 Rounds

40 WBS @20/14; 16/10; 12/8

30 Pull-ups

20 DL @315/205; 245/165; 185/125 or less


4 Rounds

40 Power cleans @155/105; 115/75; 95/55 or less

30 Push-ups


5 Rounds

20 Box jumps @24/20; 20/16; 16/12 scale to step ups as needed

30 GHD’s or Abmat Sit-ups


*30:00 Time Cap



Long grinding Partner WOD with tough and moderately heavy lifts. Work through as much as you can in the 30:00 time cap. 1 athlete works at a time.


III. Supplemental Work


3-4 sets, not for time:

A1. 8-10 Landmine Reverse Lunge/Leg @ moderate weight

A2. 8-10 Landmine Rotations @ moderate weight


*to set up a “Landmine”, put the end of an empty barbell in the corner of a wall, some boxes, or against a stack of a couple of plates.

*For the Reverse lunge, hold the end of the Landmine at the chin like a Goblet squat

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