Monday 180625

I. General Warm-up

2 Rounds-continuous clock:

1:00 Front Plank (max time)

1:00 Side Plank R (max time)

1:00 Side Plank L (max time)


II. Transition and Build Up

Set up stations.


III. Workout Of The Day


100 Cal Row

100 Burpees

100 Cal Row

*30:00 cap


Scale 1

100 Cal Row

100 Burpees

100 Cal Row

*30:00 cap


Scale 2

75 Cal Row

75 Burpees

75 Cal Row

*30:00 cap





Long, grinding conditioning to start off the week. Simple, tough work. Put your head down and just go. Find a pace on the rower that can allow you to be consistent but work hard.


IV. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Deep lunge 2:00 ecah side (explore positions, add in rotations of the spine and hips)


V. Supplemental Work


3-4 sets, not for time:

A1. 10-12 Landmine deadlifts @ moderate weight with 3 second lower

A2. 8-10 Single-arm Landmine Row @ moderate weight


*to set up a “Landmine”, put the end of an empty barbell in the corner of a wall, some boxes, or against a stack of a couple of plates.

*For the Single-arm Landmine Row, stand to the side of the bar, facing AWAY from where the landmine is being created (face the end that has the weight on it)

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