Thursday 180621

I. General Warm-up

“Russian Plate Relay”

Have the class split in to two teams. Teams will line up side by side, seated in a “Russian twist” position. Stack up 10 and/or 15 pound plates at one end of each row of team members. On 3-2-1-GO, teams will complete a relay of the plates, passing 1 at a time from one end of their line to the other, creating a new stack. When all plates have reached the end, the teams must reverse order and pass them back to the beginning. Teams must continue to hold the Russian twist position the whole time. Play 2-3 rounds.


II. Transition

Set-up stations, take any reps needed.


III. Workout Of The Day

“GOAT Day”

20 Minute EMOM:

Min 1- GOAT 1

Min 2- GOAT 2





GOAT’s are movements that you are not so good at. Use this as an opportunity to work on movements that you would like to improve. Skilled gymnastics (Pull-ups, Muscle-ups, TTB, HS Walk, Pistols), Double-unders, or Barbell or DB skills (Snatches, jerks, OHS) are all good options. Choose an appropriate rep or time scheme for YOU—if your focus is “skill development” make sure you have enough rest time each round so that you are staying moderately fresh for each one to be able to practice; if you are taking a movement conditioning or capacity focus, you can go for bit longer in each minute. This could also be a time to breakdown specific elements of movements (ex: if an athlete has trouble “kipping” have them set up a box in front of the toes or a band around the chest as resistance to feel how a kip should feel, or if athletes want to get HS Walks, this would be a good time to work on some Shoulder taps while in a HS against the wall to get more comfortable coming up on to 1 hand.

*this could also be a day for athletes to make up any Benchmark workouts if desired.


IV. Accessory, Recovery, and Community

Work on individual problem areas.


V. Supplemental Work


Core Conditioning:

Rotate through 2-3 rounds with 15-30s rest between movements and 2 minutes rest between round

A.     10-15 Parallette Tuck L-sit pulses (raising and lowering legs)

B.     10-15s Tuck sit hold

C.     10-15 V-ups

D.     10-15s V-up hold

E.     10-15 V-up Snaps

F.     10-15s Hollow hold


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