Tuesday 180619

I. General Warm-up


5 Inchworms

10 Up-dog/Down Dog

15 Hinged Shoulder T’s


Take 2-4 Warm-up Bench Press sets, gradually buiding


II. Strength

Bench Press

5 reps E2MOM x 5 sets (10:00)


III. Transition and Build Up

Finish setting up stations.


IV. Workout Of The Day

Performance Care Segment

For 15:00 rotate through at a relaxed pace

50yd SA Farmers Carry/arm @moderate/light KB

10 SA KB Bent Over Rows/arm @same as farmer carry

10 Alt. Push-up Shoulder Taps

10 Alt. SL KB Deadlifts @same as farmer carry

1 Turkish Get-up/arm @same as farmer carry or lighter






Starting today off with some Bench Press strength work. Again, following our 5x5 on the 2:00 pattern. Work to a challenging weight by set one or use some of the working sets to build up, as desired. Be sure to have a spotter!

“Conditioning” today is a KB focused Performance Care Segment. Work through this at a relaxed paced (~5 breaths/:20s) as a way to not only build aerobic capacity, but move blood through your body and joints, work on solid and strong tendons and positions, and get the mind ready for more intensity in the coming days.


V. Accessory, Recovery, Community

20 Quadruped thoracic rotations/side (hand on back of head, drop elbow to opposite hand then rotate and point elbow up)

20 Alt. Quadruped bird-dogs/side


VI. Supplemental Work


Handstand Drills:

5 sets:

“Handstand Compression Walk”

With feet spread wide (sumo position) lower hands to ground slightly away from the body and attempt to press through the shoulders and lifts the hips slightly and drag the toes to meet the hands. Perform 5 reps moving forward like this.

Then, perform the same drill but in reverse, starting with the hands just between the feet, press and drag the toes AWAY from the hands. Perform for 5 reps.

5 Reps Forward

5 Reps Backward

rest 1:00 between


Then accumulate 40-50 Alt. Shoulder Taps inverted against the wall, in a 45 degree wall walk, or in a box pike HS hold.

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