Friday 180511

General Warm-Up/Transition 5:00-15:00

200m Run


2 RNFT w/ empty bar:



5 Goodmornings


Build Power Clean to working weight. Take some warm-up DU’s and sit-ups if needed.


Workout Of The Day 15:00-45:00

For Time (w/ a partner-alternating full rounds)

8 Rounds:

200m Run

8 Power Cleans @155/105; 135/85; 115/65; 95/55


then rest 3:00


8 Rounds:

40 DU’s/80 SU’s

15 GHDSU; Weighted Abmat Sit-ups; Abmat Sit-ups



Two segments to this workout. Teams of two can start on the Run/PC or DU/Sit-up as desired (this will also help spread groups out if low on equipment. These are tough couplets and will be challenging, but we are alternating full rounds which should allow for quite a bit of rest, so push really hard when it is your turn—at the end of the day the volume is not very high so the intensity needs to be! There is 3 minutes of rest between segments (no matter which one you start on). This 3:00 rest is included in your overall time.


Supplemental Work


Back Squat

Warm-up Sets:

10-8-6-5 gradually building

Working Sets:

5x5 @85%

*rest 2-3 minutes between

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