Tuesday 180501

I. General Warm-up

20 PVC Pass-thru

10 Alt. PVC Reverse Lunge




3 Snatch Grip RDL

3 Muscle Snatch

3 Tall Snatch


II. Strength

Power Snatch + OHS

Warm-up Sets:

2+2, 2+2 gradually building

Working Sets:

EMOM x 5

2 Power Snatch + 2 OHS @moderate weight (~80%)


III. Transition and Build Up

Set-up stations, take any warm-up reps needed.


IV. Workout Of The Day

EMOM 10:

Min 1- :30s Assault Bike

Min 2- :30s GHDSU/Abmat Sit-up

Min 3- :30s Ball Slams

Min 4- :30s Burpees

Min 5- :30s Overhead Squats @115/75; 95/55; 65/35


*score= total bike cals, Ball slams, Sit-ups, OHS, and burpees





Working on some barbell skill work again this week by adding in some Power Snatch to the OHS focus. Moderate weights again to focus on solid movement. It can be challenging but should not cause any missed reps. On the minute for 5 sets you will complete 2 Power Snatches into 2 OHS. Power snatch can be TnG or DnG, as desired. Following this we will complete some interval conditioning, with simple grunt work movements to pre-fatigue some moderate weight OHS. Athletes can start at any station and rotate through as desired. You will only hit each movement 2 times, so make them count and go hard. For the leaderboard junkies, your score on this is total reps, but note that it is intended more to be about your consistency and technique on OHS while fatigued.


V. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Lunge Ankle Stretch 2:00/side

Hip flexor mash 1:00-2:00/side


VI. Supplemental Work



Warm-up Sets:

10-8-6-5 gradually building

Working Sets:

3x3 @85%

*rest 2-3 minutes between

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