Wednesday 180425

I. General Warm-up

3 Perfect stretch to Pigeon (hold Pigeon ~:20s) per side

*spend some time here getting the hip flexors and lateral hip opened up and ready for the OHS

*during the perfect stretch also try to lean in to the front foot to get some ankle mobility in


10 PVC Pass-thru

10 PVC Windmills

10 PVC Overhead Squat with Open hand (let PVC pipe lay on the hands like a waiters hold rather than squeezing it)


II. Strength

Overhead Squat

Warm-up Sets:

8-6-4 gradually building

Working Sets:

E2MOM x 4

4 OHS @moderate weight


III. Transition

Set-up stations and take warm-up reps if needed.


IV. Workout Of The Day

15 Min EMOM:

Min 1- 20yd. Single-arm OH Walking Lunge (10yd./arm) @50/35; 40/25; 30/20 or less

Min 2- 10 Ring Dips; 10 Bar Dips; 10 Bar Dips w/ assistance; 10 Ring Push-ups; 10 HR Push-ups

Min 3- 1 Ring Climb; 3 Sit-to-Stand; 9 Ring Rows





Starting with some high quality overhead squat work. As always, with this challenging movement encourage technique first, then add weight if able. There should be no misses (no one should be going for a 4 rep max), but instead working on solid movement and technique (missed reps don’t make you stronger). This is followed by a conditioning/skill EMOM to finish up. Make sure to have athletes focus on an active shoulder position on the lunge. Good opportunity to work on the dip skill movement and kip coordination.


V. Accessory, Recovery, Community (Post-workout)

Couch stretch 3:00/side


VI. Supplemental Work


Bodybuilding Circuit

3 Rounds of:

1:00 Alternating DB Bicep Curl

1:00 Lying DB Skullcrushers

1:00 Russian Twist w/ 5# Plate

1:00 rest

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