Tuesday 180424

I. General Warm-up

9 min EMOM:

Min 1- :30s Jump Rope (Singles, Doubles, Triples, Reverse-play around with it)/:30s rest

Min 2- :30s Plank/:30s rest

Min 3- :30s Stationary Inchworm/:30s rest


II. Workout Of The Day

“The Ghost”

6 rounds of:

1:00 Rowing

1:00 Burpees

1:00 Double-unders (scale to SU)

1:00 rest

*3 scores, 1 for total reps of each movement.





“The Ghost” is a tough, gassy grind. Try to just be consistent on each movement and keep moving. Ghost technically has 3 scores, 1 for each movement, so the idea is to be balanced across the 3 rather than trying to get a huge number on one and dog the others.


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Lunge Ankle Stretch 2:00/side

Hip flexor mash 1:00-2:00/side


IV. Supplemental Work



Warm-up Sets:

10-8-6-5 gradually building

Working Sets:

3x5 @80%

*rest 2-3 minutes between

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