Friday 180413

I. General Warm-Up


20-40 DU/SU

1 Perfect stretch/side

5 HPC (gradually build to working weight)

10 Squat jumps


II. Transition

Warm-up HSPU or scaling option, finish setting up stations


III. Workout Of The Day

With a partner:


50 Double-Unders/100 Single-Unders (each-may work at same time)

50 HPC @155/105; 115/75; 95/55

50 HSPU/Box Pike Push-up/Seated DB Press

50 WBS @20/14; 16/10; 12/8

*split reps as desired except on DU/SU-both athletes complete and may work at same time



Tough partner grinder to close out the week. Both partners complete the DU or SU set and can work at the same time, but all other movements divide as needed. Scale HSPU reps or Movement appropriately for the pairs level of capacity. Don’t let this turn in to a 15 minute AMRAP of HSPU singles.


IV. Supplemental Work


Back Squat

Warm-up Sets:

10-8-6-5 gradually building

Working Sets:

5x3 @80%

*rest 2-3 minutes between

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