Thursday 180405

I. General Warm-up

Tic Tac Toe Relay

Split in to teams (2 -6 depending on class size). Place nine 10# plates in a 3x3 square to create the Tic Tac Toe board. Use KB’s as the “X’s” and dumbbells as the “O’s”. Starting about 15yds. from the board, one athlete from each team races to the board to place their “X” or “O”. The next athlete in line may not begin until the first athlete gets back and tags them. Continue in this relay fashion until a team connects 3 in a row or there is a draw. Losing team performs 5 burpees. In a draw each team performs 15 Hollow rocks. Play 3-4 rounds.

(you can also modify the standards for different rounds, for example you can make a round have the rule that the “X” or “O” item must be carried overhead, and then to return to line you must bear crawl)



10 Shin-Box Rotations (hands down/one hand down/no hands down)

2 Perfect Stretch/side

5 Kang Squats w/ OH Reach

10 Kip Swings (second round progress to TTB/LAHAP or whatever scaling option is being used)


II. Transition

2-3 Rounds:

10-20 DU/SU

3-4 OHS or Walking Lunge


III. Workout Of The Day



40 DU

20 SA DB OHS @50/35 (split reps 10/10)

10 TTB


Scale 1


40 DU or 80 SU

20 SA DB OHS or Walking Lunge Steps @40/25 (split reps 10/10)

5 TTB or 10 Straight Leg AHAP


Scale 2


80 SU

20 SA DB OH Walking Lunge Steps @30/15 (split reps 10/10)

10 Straight Leg AHAP or KAHAP

*if walking lunges are difficult have athletes scale to stationary reverse lunges





High skill movements in a moderate time domain triplet. If desired, sacrifice a great score to work on the challenging movements and improve on your skills. SA DB OHS is very challenging for a lot of people, so use the SA OH walking lunge to scale. This is a decent scale transfer progressing, as the OH stability combined with lower body squatting patterns are usually the limiter in the DB OHS.


IV. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Mash lats and biceps on barbell, lacrosse, or foam roller.


V. Supplemental Work


*This is the beginning of a new strength cycle built around the Bench, Deadlift, Press, and Back Squat

Strict Press

Warm-up Sets:

10-8-6-5 gradually building

Working Sets:

5x5 @ 70%

*rest 2-3 minutes between

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