Monday 180402

I. General Warm-up

Sink shoulder stretch (with bar on rack)- work around and open up the shoulders 2:00



10 Quadruped Thoracic Rotations/side (hand on neck, drop elbpw towards opposite knee, then towards ceiling)

10 Bird-Dogs

10 Fire hydrants/side


Build Power Clean to working weight

Prep stations and take a couple warm-up reps of Dip/Bar Dip/Push-up


II. Transition and Build Up


Power Clean

Dip/Bar Dip/Push-up

*this is a fast workout, make sure you are nice and warm before starting!


III. Workout Of The Day

**Benchmark Series Workout**





Power cleans @135/95

Ring dips


Scale 1



Power cleans @95/65

Bar dips


Scale 2



Power cleans @75/45






This is the first workout we will do in our Benchmark series. Athletes are encouraged to record all of the details of this workout for comparison later. Elizabeth is a classic girl workout that tests a multitude of fitness capacities, including aerobic power, strength, and skill. This should be a fast, max effort type of workout. Give it your all. As always, the prescription levels are solid guidelines, but scale as needed (example: banded bar dips); just be sure to record what scaling options you use so you can test it the same next time, or try to scale up to something more difficult. We are doing this as Power Clean Elizabeth (rather than Squat Clean) to help allow for a more intense pace.


IV. Accessory, Recovery, and Community

Mash lats and thoracic 3:00-5:00


V. Supplemental Work

*This is the beginning of a new strength cycle built around the Bench, Deadlift, Press, and Back Squat

Bench Press

Warm-up Sets:

10-8-6-5 gradually building

Working Sets:

5x5 @ 70%

*rest 2-3 minutes between

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