Monday 180319


A few weeks ago, our members of the CFE Advisory Board likely spoke to a class you attended about several different topics that we have discussed in our meetings. We would like to take the opportunity the expand on some of these areas of discussion. 

First, we have published information related to providing donations to CFE for equipment. The full run-down and link to the DMH Foundation donation page can be found here:

Also, starting this week, we will begin implementing two Open gym times in the evenings. These will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6:30-7:15. This time is intended to allow members who are unable to attend morning or daytime Open gym some additional time to work on individual things. Members are still more than welcome to perform the class workout at this time, but it will not be used as a formal class time. 

Finally, this Friday to close out the Open for 18.5, we will be having head-to-head match-ups! More details to come!

I. General Warm-up

3 rounds of:

1:00 Row/Bike/Jog

1:00 DU/SU



3 rounds of:

3 Clean Pulls (Hip extension)

3 Hang Muscle Cleans

3 Tall Cleans


II. Transition and Build Up

Set-up stations and take any warm-up reps necessary.


III. Workout Of The Day


For Time:



5 Power Clean @185/125 between each round


Scale 1

For Time:


Double-Under or 2x Single-Under

5 Power Clean @135/95 between each round


Scale 2

For Time:



5 Power Clean @95/55 between each round





Tough, fast burner of Jump rope work and moderately heavy power cleans. The weight on the bar is something that would be very tough to do as touch and go. Think somewhere around 65-75%. If athletes are still working on clean technique, have them stay lighter and focus on solid reps. Push the pace and challenge yourself here.

*note: if your back, shoulders, and traps are sore from 18.4, IT IS OK TO REST/SCALE


IV. Accessory, Recovery, and Community

Half front split 2:00-3:00/side


V. Supplemental Work

A.     Power Clean

Warm-up Sets:

3-3-2-2 gradually building


Working Sets:

8x1 @65-90%

*rest 1-2 minutes between

*if you do not know this number, use warm-up sets to find a weight that is challenging but that will allow you to make all sets

*Fundamental athletes use this to perfect technique first, then build load if movement is solid


B.     10 Minute EMOM

Min 1- 10 Weighted GHDSU or Abmat Sit-ups

Min 2- 10 Single-Arm DB Press 


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