Thursday 180315

I. General Warm-up


8 Shin-Box rotations per side (4 with hands, 4 without)

8 Crab Toe-touches/side (in crab/table-top position alternate lifting opposite arm and leg and touching the toe)

8 Bird-dogs/side

8 Push-ups w/ toe touch (opposite hand to opposite toe)


Review TGU technique and execution


II. Workout Of The Day

EMOM 20:

Min 1- 5-15 Cal Row/Bike/Ski (not a sprint)

Min 2- 1 DB Turkish Get-up + 10yd. OH Walking Lunge (switch arms each round)

Min 3- :20s Hollow Hold+:20s Arch Hold

Min 4- Rest





Easy aerobic and skill work to get recovered before the open workout tomorrow. The Erg work should not be a sprint, it should be a sustainable pace that takes about the majority of the minute. For reference, on the first round see what your calorie count is at when the clock is at :45 and try to maintain that each round.


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

1.      Couch stretch 3:00-5:00

2.      Wall v-sit 2:00-3:00



IV. Supplemental Work


Bike 8:00 easy pace

Crossfit Enhance