Thursday 180308

I. General Warm-up


10 Frames, trying to land the rower right on 100m every time- not allowed to go super slow at the end. Pull hard and stop at the point that you believe is needed for the rollover to stop on 100m every time. Add up the total number of meters that you are off of 100 (ex. 105m = 5m off). Get in groups of 2-3, and at the end whoever has the highest total of meters must complete burpee penalty = to the number (partners can offer to take some of the burden if desired).

*on 10th frame, if you land on 100m you get an extra frame to potentially replace the highest number from the previous frame. If you land on 100m again, you get a third attempt.


II. Workout Of The Day

Rx/Scale 1/Scale 2

4 Rounds Not For Time:

5-10 Half-Kneeling DB Windmills/side

20 Russian Twists

5-10 SL DB Deadlift/side

10 Diagonal Band Pull-aparts/side





Aerobic interval game to breath and sweat a bit before the Open workout tomorrow, and then some light/easy recovery and skill movement.


III. Supplemental Work


Bike 8:00 easy pace

Crossfit Enhance