Thursday 180201

I. General Warm-Up

Clean Complex Warm-up:

3-5 Reps/movement (does not need to be unbroken)

Clean deadlift

Hang muscle clean

Behind the neck strict press

Front squat

Behind the neck push press

Front squat w/ 2 sec pause @ bottom

Hang power clean

Push Press

Tall Clean

Push Jerk


**Use this time to discuss a couple of performance cues (patience in the pull, quick/explosive hips, dynamic elbows, hips sit back and down to receive, strong rack positions for dip-drive, etc.)


II. Skill Work

10 Minutes

1 Clean and Jerk every :60s (10 reps)

Attempt to build to a 1RM


III. Workout Of The Day

4 Rounds NOT FOR TIME:

10 Strict Double DB Press

10 Steps/Leg Front Rack Walking Lunge

20 GHDSU or Weighted Abmat Sit-ups

20 GHD Hip Extensions or Supermans





On the C&J  work, try to build to a 1RM or a heavy single for the day. You may Power/Squat Clean and Push/Split Jerk as desired. Today’s WOD is NFT, so athletes should work through it at a consistent pace but should be able to have a conversation the entire time. Think of it as strength/accessory/recovery movement.



IV. Supplemental Work

Thursday: Skill and Endurance

A.             L-sit- Hanging or Parallette- 4x max effort (rest as needed)

B.             20 Turkish Get-ups FOR QUALITY- start at a moderate weight and gradually increase

C.             EMOM 10- :30s Row @80%+/:30s rest

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