Thursday 180125

I. General Warm-Up

Clean warm-up:


3 Hang Clean High Pull

3 Muscle Clean

3 Front Squat

3 Power Clean          

3 Squat Clean

3 Front Squat

*if needed, use a PVC pipe on warm-up

*this warm-up does not have to be done unbroken



II. Skill Work

10 Minute EMOM

3 Power Clean Touch and Go

*start at moderate weight and gradually build each round. If you know your snatch max, use 60% to start and don’t exceed 90%.


III. Transition and Build Up

Set-up stations, take any warm-up reps necessary.


IV. Workout Of The Day


7 rounds for time:

5 SDHP (75/55)

10 BBJO (24/20)

15 Push Jerk (75/55)


Scale 1

7 Rounds for time

5 SDHP (55/35)

10 BBJO (20/12)

15 Push Jerk (55/35)


Scale 2

7 Rounds for time

5 SDHP (35/25 or less)

10 BBJO (height of choice)

15 Push Jerks


*20 min cap





Clean skill work, followed by a 7 RFT workout that should be done at a good pace. The barbell is light for a reason. I encourage lighter weights in order to move faster. Have fun.


V. Accessory, Recovery, Community

1) Bike or row with remaining time


VI. Supplemental Work

Thursday: Skill and Endurance

A.             Box Pistol Negatives- 6x 4-5 per leg

B.             20 Prone PVC Pipe Dislocates (face down on ground of bench, PVC Pipe OH, lift up and hold :02-:03s)

C.             EMOM 10- :30s Row @80%+/:30s rest

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