Tuesday 180123

I. General Warm-up

10 Kang Squats

10 Alt. Squatting knee taps (to ground)

5 Squatting Thoracic Rotation/side

5 Narrow squat double knee taps (to ground)

5 Thoracic bridge rotations

5 Perfect Stretch/side

5 Table-tops

10 S-waves (prone)


II. Workout Of The Day

Every 4 min for 6 sets (24:00 total)

21/18 Cal row

15 WBS (20/14) (14/10) (10/6 or less)

9 Abmat Sit-ups





Looking for max effort sprints to accomplish the work as fast as possible (while maintaining good technique). High effort is rewarded with longer rests. Score is your SLOWEST score. The best way to approach it is to go fast and have splits that are very similar to one another.


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

1) Recovery of choice if time is adequate


IV. Supplemental Work

Tuesday: Endurance

A. 3x 6:00 on implements of choice @ moderate pace w/ nasal breathing only- rest 2:00 between

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