Thursday 180118

I. General Warm-Up

Clean Complex Warm-up:

3-5 Reps/movement (does not need to be unbroken)

Clean deadlift

Hang muscle clean

Strict press

Behind the neck strict press

Front squat

Behind the neck push press

Front squat w/ 2 sec pause @ bottom

Hang power clean

Push Press

Hang power clean into a front squat (pause at receiving position before squatting down)

Behind the neck push jerk

Tall Clean

Push Jerk


**Use this time to discuss a couple of performance cues (patience in the pull, quick/explosive hips, dynamic elbows, hips sit back and down to receive, strong rack positions for dip-drive, etc.)


II. Skill Work

10 Minute EMOM

2 Clean and Jerks (Power, Squat, Push, Split--athlete’s choice)

*start at moderate weight and gradually build each round. If you know your C&J max, use 60% to start and don’t exceed 90%.

*not touch and go, drop from top and reset for second rep


III. Transition and Build Up

Set-up stations, take any warm-up reps necessary.


IV. Workout Of The Day


For Time:

30 Box Jump Over’s @24/20

30 S2OH @95/65

20 Box Jump Over’s @24/20

20 S2OH @95/65

10 Box Jump Over’s @24/20

10 S2OH @95/65


Scale 1

30 Box Jump Over’s @20/12

30 S2OH @75/55

20 Box Jump Over’s @20/12

20 S2OH @75/55

10 Box Jump Over’s @20/12

10 S2OH @75/55


Scale 2

30 Box Step Over’s @20/12

30 S2OH @55/35

20 Box Step Over’s @20/12

20 S2OH @55/35

10 Box Step Over’s @20/12

10 S2OH @55/35





Clean and Jerk skill work followed by a fast burner couplet of Box Jump Over and S2OH. Try to push the pace and just hold on. This should be a near max sprint. This is a tough combination with a high power output. The Box Jump Over’s will tax the lower body, making you want to overuse the shoulders on the S2OH, but make sure you still try to utilize the hips on the first couple big sets as much as possible.


V. Accessory, Recovery, Community

1) 3x :20-:30s Pillar stretch on rack/side -- rotate and find spots that feel tight

2) Wall v-sit 2:00-3:00


VI. Supplemental Work

Thursday: Skill and Endurance

A.             L-sit- Hanging or Parallette- 4x max effort (rest as needed)

B.             20 Turkish Get-ups FOR QUALITY- start at a moderate weight and gradually increase

C.             EMOM 10- :30s Bike @80%+/:30s rest

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