Tuesday 180109

I. General Warm-up

10 Kang Squats

10 Alt. Squatting knee taps (to ground)

5 Squatting Thoracic Rotation/side

5 Narrow squat double knee taps (to ground)

5 Thoracic bridge rotations

5 Perfect Stretch/side

5 Table-tops

10 S-waves (prone)


II. Workout Of The Day

20 Minutes @ Moderate Intensity

15yd. SA Overhead DB Carry/arm

10 Heavy RKBS

:20s Hollow Hold

5 Curtsy Step-ups/Leg

:10-:15s SA Hang/arm or :20s SA Ring Row Hang/arm





This type of session is intended to be a strength and skill developer. We want to try and prevent this from feeling like “Conditioning” by focusing on quality of movement rather than maximal reps or speed. Use this time to A. Practice moving better under low fatigue B. Move and recover and C. Enjoy a relaxed pace session with the community. You can get better and fitter without laying on the ground in agony every single day. Scale reps/movements so that it allows for :20-:30s rest each minute. If you need to space out equipment, have some start on the first EMOM and others start on the second.


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

1) Foam roll posterior chain

2) Mash pecs and shoulders


IV. Supplemental Work

Tuesday: Endurance

A. 3x 5:00 on implements of choice @ moderate pace w/ nasal breathing only- rest 2:00 between

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