Wednesday 171227

I. General Warm-up

Joe’s choice


II. Workout Of The Day

25:00 @ moderate intensity:

15yd Double KB Front Rack Carry (athlete’s choice)

15yd Farmers Carry (same as FR carry)

10 Alternating Box Step-up + High Knee (24/20); (20/16); (16/12)

10 Hollow Rocks + :20s Hollow Hold

:20s HS Hold or plank hold

:20s Active Hang





Moderate intensity skill work and conditioning. Use this as an opportunity to work on great positions, breathing and recovery. On the carries, think about activating lats and keeping the shoulders/scapulas back. Scale hollow holds, HS holds, and hangs as needed.


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

1.      Banded shoulder mobility (internal/external)

2.     Deep lunge/pigeon stretch (work around, find spots that feel like they need attention

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