Thursday 171214


There will be no classes on Friday after the 12:15 class. Starting at 1 on Friday, we will be working on cleaning the gym and setting up for our competition on Saturday. Anyone who would like to come by and help out, for any amount of time, would be more than welcome and would be greatly appreciated! Also, on Saturday, anyone who would like to help out our devoted judges and volunteers could bring some snack foods to our hospitality room! 

The competition on Saturday starts at 12pm and will run until about 6:30. 


I. General Warm-Up

Barbell warm-up:

8 Deadlift (clean grip)


8 Front Squat

8 Strict Press

8 Push Press

8 Good Mornings

8 Back Squat


3-5 Practice sets of Power Clean and Jerk ** use this time to discuss a couple of performance cues (patience in the pull, quick/explosive hips, dynamic elbows, hips sit back and down to receive, strong rack positions for dip-drive, etc.)


II. Skill Work

12 Minute EMOM

1 Power Clean and Push Jerk

*start at moderate weight and gradually build each round. If you know your clean and jerk max from 2 weeks ago, use 60% to start and don’t exceed 90%.


Transition and Build Up 24:00-30:00

Set-up stations, take any warm-up reps necessary.


III. Workout Of The Day



10 Box Jump @24/20

10 Power Cleans @95/65

10 Push Press @95/65


Scale 1


10 Box Jump @20/16

10 Power Cleans @75/55

10 Push Press @75/55


Scale 2


10 Box Jump or Step Up @16/12

10 Power Cleans @55/35

10 Push Press @55/35





This will make 12 minutes feel like a long time. Be conservative for the first half then push the pace in the last 6 minutes. Use the box jump to recover the breath pattern (large barbell sets strain breathing), so be smooth and relaxed (don’t hold your breath!) Take planned rest on the barbell to conserve HR. It is  a light barbell, so there may be incentive to try and go unbroken on the 10+10, however it may be more sustainable to do quick singles on the power clean or 9, drop and rest, then finish number 10 before starting on the push press. Try to put yourself in a situation where the push press does not have to be split up.


IV. Accessory, Recovery, Community

1) 5 “Perfect Stretch” / side

2) 10 Squatting thoracic rotation/side


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