Tuesday 171114

I. General Warm-up

20 PVC Pass-through


10-15 PVC OHS

Gradual build to barbell working weight with sets of 5-10


Transition and Build Up/Skill

10 minutes to practice MU transitions:

Option 1: On rings, feet on ground or low box, using legs to assist in transition to catch and dip support

Option 2: On high boxes (2x20 or 2x24 stacked) starting from elbows or straight arms working on shooting head through and feet back to dip catch position, use legs to assist as needed.


II. Workout Of The Day


For Time:

30 OHS @115/75

15 Muscle-ups

20 OHS @115/75

10 Muscle-ups


Scale 1:

For Time:

30 OHS @95/65

15 Muscle-up ring transitions

20 OHS @95/65

10 Muscle-up ring transitions


Scale 2:

For Time:

30 OHS @55/35

15 Muscle-up box transitions

20 OHS @55/35

10 Muscle-up box transitions





Two challenging, high skill movements in low volume. This should be a sprint paced effort, so scale weight and skill movement accordingly. Don’t push to failure on anything until that very last set, then go as hard as possible.


III. Accessory, Recovery, Community

1.      Walk 3:00

2.      Deep Lunge (hip flexor) stretch

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