Wednesday 171108

I. Skill Work

12 Minute EMOM:

Min 1- 4 Box Pistol Negatives/leg (try to take 4-5 seconds to lower)

Min 2- 3-12 Strict Pull-up (Banded strict pull-up)+:05-:10s chin over bar hold on last rep

Min 3- :30s Hollow Hold

Min 4- :30s Superman hold


II. Transition and Build Up

Decide on implements and set up working stations.


III. Workout Of The Day

Every 2:00 on the minute for 16 minutes (8 sets)

20/15 Calorie Sprint on Implement of choice (bike or row)

*scaling: 15/10

*Work should take no longer than 1 minute; if it begins to take longer, scale.

*You may change/rotate implements if desired.





Skill and isolated conditioning day. Keep work to a Sprinting effort.


IV. Accessory, Recovery, Community

1) Bike, row, jog 5:00 recovery

2) Foam roll low back/glutes

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