Tuesday 171107

I. General Warm-up

1 rounds of:

2 Samson Stretch/ side w/ 15-20s hold


10 GHD/Abmat Sit-up

10 GHD Back Ext./Supermans

10 Pull-ups/Ring Rows

10 Dips/Push-ups


II. Transition and Build Up/Skill

Set up stations. Gradually build FS/S2OH weight to working weight and take warm-up reps at Pull-up and Burpee box jump over.


III. Workout Of The Day


5 Rounds For Time:

6 S2OH @155/105

9 Front Squat @155/105

12 C2B Pull-ups

15 Burpee Box Jump Overs 24/20

*22 minute time cap


Scale 1:

5 Rounds For Time:

6 S2OH @125/75

9 Front Squat @125/75

12 Pull-ups

15 Burpee Box Jump or Step Overs 20/16

*22 minute time cap


Scale 2:

5 Rounds For Time:

6 S2OH @95/65 or less

9 Front Squat @95/65 or less

12 Assisted Pull-ups/Ring Rows

15 Burpee Box Step Overs 16/12

*22 minute time cap





This is a nasty, grinder workout, that will reward the pacer. Manage breathing and fatigue for first 3 rounds and then try to push at the end. The barbell weight should be moderately heavy but not to the point that anyone should have to break up the S2OH. Once done with the burpees before starting on the next round, take a second to get in control of breathing to try and push to get through the barbell quickly.


IV. Accessory, Recovery, Community

1.      Walk 3:00

2.      Deep Lunge (hip flexor) stretch

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