Tuesday 171030

I. General Warm-up


3 Inchworms w/ Up-Dog and Push-up at bottom

6 SL Glute Bridge R -pause 2s at top

6 SL Glute Bridge L-pause 2s at top

:15s Thoracic bridge stretch (Crab stretch, try to push hips to ceiling to open up shoulders as far as possible)


II. Transition and Build Up

2 rounds:

5-10 WBS

5-10 SA OH DB Walking Lunge steps (be sure to take warm-up reps with both arms)


III. Workout Of The Day


Buy-in: 10 Zombie Burpees

2 rounds:

31 Pumpkin WBS @20/14; 16/10; 14/8

31 Frankenstein SA DB OH Walking Lunge Steps @50/35; 40/25; 30/15

1 Flying Ghost Rope Climb

Cash-Out: 10 Cal Devil’s Tricycle





Relatively long time domain, with some simple hard work along with challenging skill work. Be sure to stay in control of breathing and shoulder fatigue for as long as possible to make a solid push at the end. Lunges can be completed all on same arm, or alternating as desired.

IV. Accessory, Recovery, Community

Forearm/upper arm mash on barbell/roller/KB thorough 2:00-3:00 minutes per side


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