How do I get started?

In order to get started you must first contact us and get signed up for a free trial class. We will then move into a 1 on 1 CFEvaluation to help you learn, practice, and give your body time to adapt to Crossfit movements. You will also need to print off our waiver, fill it out, and bring it with you for the free trial class. This waiver can be found under “Our Gym”, “FAQ” tabs.

How do I signup for a new member class?

You can get signed up for a free trial class whenever fits your schedule. Just contact us and we will find a free trial class that best fits your schedule. Then will move forward from there with the 1 on 1 with a CFE coach.

How do I sign up for wods?

Once you have completed your CFEvaluation period you will be given sign in information for our mind.body system.

What is the attendance policy?

There are three reasons why we do this and why we feel it is important.

  1. Irregular attendance leaves you and us in an uncertain position regarding your knowledge base. That means that a coach may need to take time away from the class at large to review or re-teach something to one person that the rest of the class is up to speed on.
  2. Irregular attendance leaves us uncertain as to your base conditioning level.
  3. If your base conditioning level is inadequate then there is a risk that you might engage in some kind of exercise that you are not prepared to do safely and properly.

You already know the difference between what we do and what goes on in a standard gym. If all we wanted to do was get your money then we wouldn’t worry about attendance. If we didn’t have a strong interest in seeing you improve by working out vigorously and safely then we wouldn’t worry about attendance.

We take our obligations to you very seriously and we ask that you reciprocate by:

  1. Show Up
  2. Work Hard


-CrossFit Enhance members must attend a minimum of 8 classes per month…SIMPLE.  We want you to come.  With that being said, life happens, and when it does, we will work with you (i.e. sickness, work, family, vacation, etc…), no big deal.

-Open Gym does not constitute a regular CrossFit class and may not be used as such.

Your investment for the CFEvaluation is $80/$65 DMH, which includes services such as:

  • Excellent coaching and personalized attention
  • Introduction to the 9 Fundamental Movements of CrossFit & countless auxillary movements
  • Class “WOD” integration and connecting with current members

Once you complete your CFEvaluation, the cost per month is $80.00.  The cost for DMH Employees is $65 per month after completion of the New Member course. Family Membership is $110 a month. Family membership applies to those that live in the same household/billing address or immediate family (spouse/kids). There are no longer any additional discounts at this time.